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Daisy Cast Iron Fireplace Combination

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Daisy Cast Iron Fireplace Combination

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The Daisy Cast Iron Fireplace Combination (Shown in Highlight Polished)
A rich style that lends itself to the Victorian era. The Daisy cast iron fireplace offers both an artistic traditional design coupled with a contemporary style. The Daisy showcases your fire in the best possible way as the light from the grate reflects beautifully on intricately crafted design that is proudly showcased under the mantelpiece. Call us now to place your order. We will be happy to answer questions you may have and guide you through our simple ordering process. Give our office a call now.

Fireplace Package- What's Included?

Daisy Cast Iron Fireplace
Cast Iron Fireback
Optional 760mm (30" x 15) Granite Hearth for gas or electric, Add £75

Cast Iron Finish Options.

This Cast Iron Fireplace is available to purchase from us in two different finishes, see descriptions and prices below.


This is where the cast has a painted black finish- this is the most appropriate for multi fuel applications as polished finishes can tarnish with high tempratures.


Highlight Polished

This is where certain elements of the casting are polished on a black painted background. Although suitable, highlight finish may tarnish with high tempratures.


Gas, Electric and Solid Fuel Fires.

Gas, Electric and Solid Fuel Fires for this Cast Iron Fireplace are available to purchase from us, see descriptions and prices below.

Gas Fire

A Class 1 Gas Fire that is suitable for all brick built chimneys. Or a Class 2 Gas Fire Gas Fire that is suitable for most Pre-Cast or Pre-Fabricated Flues.

Add £125

LPG Gas Fire

A fire that is suitable for houses that have no mains gas. LPG is supplied in bottles or a storage tank and are just as efficient as natural gas fires.

Add £140

Electric Fire

A fire that is suitable for houses with no chimney or flue. The effect can be used with no heat, or used with the heat which is perfect as a back up on colder days.

Add £199

Solid Fuel Kit

To burn wood or coal you will need a Solid Fuel pack, this consists of a damper, an ashpan and a grate.

Add £30

Combination Dimensions

A: 710mm (28")

B: 970mm (38.25")

C: 340mm (13.50")

D: 595mm (23.50")

H: 760mm (30")



Combination Dimensions

I: 410mm (16")

J: 600mm (23.50")

K: 160mm (6.25")



Hearth Dimensions

L: 760mm (30")

M: 380mm (15")

N: 65mm (2.50")


'My confidence in my products is so high you don't pay a penny until your fireplace is delivered to you.'

As there is nothing to pay untill your items are delivered ordering is easy, just email or phone me with the items you want, your name, a delivery address and contact number. I will then confirm your order. I will then contact you when your order is ready to arrange a date and time for delivery.

Based in the Midlands I provide delivery to most parts of mainland UK by my own dedicated drivers and vans.

As my products are made to order please allow up to 2 weeks for deliveries to England and Wales and up to 4 weeks for delivery to Scotland.

Delivery is Free of Charge.

Payment can be made on deilvery by cheque, cash, BACS (internet banking) or any of the cards below

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Mick Stanford - Managing Director

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